In between

I’ve just finished the first semester of uni, and I’m in that space where the next semester is yet to start, the housework is too dull to contemplate doing properly, and I’m feeling a little overstuffed from binge-watching the fifth season of ‘Orange is the new black’. At this point of the year, I usually commence a new writing project which gobbles up all the time I could alternatively spend on dusting skirting boards and attending properly to my benignly neglected children. This year, however, I’m going to limit myself to merely digging out my favourite blog pieces from ‘Shit on my hands’, which has unfortunately disappeared into the internet stratosphere, and re-posting them here. I’m still proud of some of them. I’m also going to post other favourite pieces I’ve written for Kidspot, Eureka Street and Overland and, of course, anything I miraculously manage to publish this year.




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